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Album Mastering Nearing Completion

Khemique 2012 Album Lauch Good news friends, the mastering of our new album is nearing completion and is scheduled to be done by December. With any luck, we will present our pre-launching previews and giveaways on the Khemique website by … Continue reading

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Industrial Dubstep

Khemique is currently working on the 2012 album release, but technical challenges have been a bit of an obstacle. In the meantime Jason and Johann have been thinking about experimenting with the Dubstep genre…in Khemique style. Then a thought dropped … Continue reading

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2010 Remix Contest Finalists

We have added the REMIXES of the finalists and winners of the 2010 Khemique Remix Competition, which we had staged on AcidPlanet. The remix tracks are available for streaming and downloading from the Downloads & Contests page. The winner of … Continue reading

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Dé Javú

Dé Javú (Sung, Spoken) A question on humanity’s mind Since the dawn of time…. Why does a totally new thing sometimes feel so familiar? Do we sometimes dream the future? (Haven’t we met before?) Is it a past life? Is … Continue reading

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Sane Insanity

The ever present Watcher in the lives of All surfaces for a glimpse, revealing a taste of a separate, yet eternally immediate reality. Wordlessly waiting, mindlessly witnessing it all… “Sits a little creature Beyond the invisible A quiet little creature … Continue reading

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Last Kiss

Earth is discovered by a human-like alien group that takes inventory while researching the wastelands left behind after the demise of earth’s human population, drawing a conclusion from ruins and artifacts found among ruin, rust, and debris. A flashback to … Continue reading

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In a future time, an entertainment agency markets a journey… “Sign up for a career that will send you beyond To pay witness to the birth, life and death of entire universes” Humanity is an adventurous species that is eager … Continue reading

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The Khemique Genre

Khemique is a musical act that sources its music style from a few genres, some of which date back to the 80s. With Johann…and Jason… Continue reading

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Khemique Now

Greetings, to the darker side of electronic sound. Explore with us, and experience reality shifts, time jumps, parallel worlds, and distortions in the very fabric of existence. Idealistically, we explore and exploit sensation, mind, and sound, in the everlasting urge … Continue reading

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