Sane Insanity

The ever present Watcher in the lives of All surfaces for a glimpse, revealing a taste of a separate, yet eternally immediate reality. Wordlessly waiting, mindlessly witnessing it all…

“Sits a little creature
Beyond the invisible
A quiet little creature
in the corner of these sung words…”

A disquieting presence arises with a hair raising breeze. The unseen witness vaguely gathers form, felt in a chill flow of air. The stirring seems to emanate from beneath dead leaves and remains, from beneath the living realm, from inside the catacombs of a dark, eternal self-preserved horror.

“The mood is awfully quiet
The Silence has a strange breeze
A wind below the knees and
beneath dead leaves of trees”

But the foreboding apprehension eases in fleeting impressions of passing ages; epochs of timeless existence.

“The Middle Earth of Madness
Where silence becomes sound”

Reality changes shape, transporting momentarily the witness to a few vantage points, seeing all of human history in one moment; a vast roar of instantaneous birth, life, disease, anger, laughter, productivity, lust, revenge, war, and death…

“And night now lies forgotten
time goes in a wormhole”

Insanity beckons, promising relief and freedom.

The tale repeats, as if by de-javu or prophecy. The ever presence of the creature’s watchful eye, the insanity…and looking into the soul of the world.

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