The Khemique Genre

Khemique is a musical act that sources its music style from a few genres, some of which date back to the 80s. With Johann being more on the Goth/Industrial/EBM/Metal side of music, and Jason more on the Industrial/EBM/House/Electro, the genre has some interesting twists and turns, and it shows.

With the debut CD, All In, we saw the first fruits of their works. Most songs were composed by Jason; a few by Johann. The all-over sound of the CD reminded one somewhat of earlier Industrial music. The lyrics were mostly slightly dark in nature and the sound effects added to this feeling.

Some of the influences that show themselves from time to time in Khemique ‘s music come from Front 242, Skinny Puppy, Pop Will Eat Itself, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, and some more.

Lyrically, Johann likes to dig into the collective unconscious, the nameless fears; the paradoxical nature of life on earth. Cracking a tear in the fabric of reality and taking a peek to the outside…or looking back from that perspective.

Musically, Jason likes to experiment with different genres of electronic music. He has been actively involved in the creation of Loops and Samples for Sony music creation software since the 90’s and his work is used by avid musicians world-wide.

There was no doubt that something interesting would come from the co-production of these two talented, unique, and musically compatible individuals.

Keep your eyes on this band, stay tuned, and don’t miss out on more creations of…


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