Last Kiss

Earth is discovered by a human-like alien group that takes inventory while researching the wastelands left behind after the demise of earth’s human population, drawing a conclusion from ruins and artifacts found among ruin, rust, and debris.

A flashback to the archaic era of Earth’s existence that included human life on earth.

“Two Angels in the morning…
the sun is yet to come…”

An eternal moment between two creatures of night; An immortal and a dark rocker. Their vantage point over life, dangerous living, life and death… A moment of falling for the prey. A moment of hesitation, and then self sacrifice to bring her into the fold.

“Two swallows on a wire
a breath of paradise.
Our eye to eye is reckless fire,
the end to wasted lives.”

Glimpses of a life in wild abandon. Blood flows and nurtures their own hungry veins; deeply mesmerized by each other’s presence and being.

“Two entities’ immortal heat
infernal blistering
our eye to eye wild to the beat
skin moist and glistening”

A momentary return to the reality; a dim future’s probe into earth’s wastelands, where the narrator wonders why such romantic, caring creatures had eventually come to such an apocalyptic and utter end.

“One is almost forced to ask why then the annihilation…”

An element of farewell, leaving the living; the mortal world. The wild side of life returns, with a hint of frozen death, lifeless lips, tears, and meeting the fiery end…

“A teardrop scars your icy cheek
drip-drips down your gown…”

“…Before I touch your frozen lips
Kiss your neck with ice and fire”

Last Kiss is a long forgotten journey into immortal bliss. However, even terrestrial immortality could not outlive; out-exist life itself… And untold aeons beyond extinction, an intelligence philosophize about the evidence of an apparent blissful existence on ancient earth…

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