In a future time, an entertainment agency markets a journey…

“Sign up for a career that will send you beyond
To pay witness to the birth, life and death of entire universes”

Humanity is an adventurous species that is eager to experience , witness, and the hunger greed for more, higher, and better drives them ever on.

“Eager to know, eager to glow, unreal when so long is the road you face
Eager to fly, eager to die, unfeel, erase, control alt delete”

But a dream, a revelation, tells there is more, just beyond the threshold…

“I had a dream at the edge of the seams of existence”

A little closer to introspection, humanity lives and dies in its cages, ruts, and constrictive behaviorisms.

“Born to be worn, bred to be fed in cages of blindness, age and disease”

Ever closer to the old, rotting foundations, hidden behind the shiny exteriors and blinding technologies…

“Fight to succeed, ignoring the pleading dying, the dead and the bleeding”

But the dream returns, urges, hints of more, of wider horizons, of undreamed of potential as…

“I had a dream at the edge of the seams of existence”

Dream-Eager portrays humanity as a species that ever hungers for more, higher, better, and further, while back at home, hidden inside, ignored and excused, the self-destructive realities keep them from attaining any more.

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  • djpuzzle December 17, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    Killer tune!

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