Album Mastering Nearing Completion

Khemique 2012 Album Lauch

Good news friends, the mastering of our new album is nearing completion and is scheduled to be done by December.

With any luck, we will present our pre-launching previews and giveaways on the Khemique website by Winter Solstice!

If that date does not bring us the end of the World, then it will see the birth of the new Khemique album!

Watch this site, as well as our Facebook page for details about launch freebies.

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Industrial Dubstep

Khemique is currently working on the 2012 album release, but technical challenges have been a bit of an obstacle. In the meantime Jason and Johann have been thinking about experimenting with the Dubstep genre…in Khemique style.


Then a thought dropped in on us…

What would the remix community make of some of the older Khemique tracks? What would one of the older tracks sound like if it was dup-step-ulated?

If you are a dubstep remixer, and feel up to a challenge, write to us via the contact page, or our Facebook page, and tell us about your interest. We would love to hear from you, and would like to hear what your dubstep interpretation is of our music.


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2010 Remix Contest Finalists

We have added the REMIXES of the finalists and winners of the 2010 Khemique Remix Competition, which we had staged on AcidPlanet.
The remix tracks are available for streaming and downloading from the Downloads & Contests page.

The winner of our contest, Lthrboots, who currently has a remix contest running on AcidPlanet, had two entries which both could have won.


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Dé Javú

Dé Javú
(Sung, Spoken)

A question on humanity’s mind
Since the dawn of time….
Why does a totally new thing
sometimes feel so familiar?
Do we sometimes dream the future? (Haven’t we met before?)
Is it a past life?
Is it a parallel dimension? (I swear I…haven’t we met before?)
A leaking reality, parallel to our own… (Some mysteries are better left at that.)
coincidental randomness? (Some mysteries are better left at that.)
Some mysteries are better left at that
Some mysteries are better left at that
Some mysteries are better left at that….

The question of the day, ever eluding
the scenery is new today, and yet something stirs in memory
Is this dream reincarnating, parallel dimension
Leaking of some reality, brain process instability

Today is unlike ever before, discovering perfect mystery
The next step in evolution, transcending this reality
The substance taken as I speak…awakens now internally
Relax now and become aware…the proximity of De Javu

Feed my brain with the grand solution, don’t
feed my pain…its not a game

Feed my mind with the perfect intentions don’t
make me blind…I will find you

Brought me in – to this exoskeletal
filled with sin…where the past decays

Fill my veins with the fleeting glimpses
hallucinatory…toxic stains

Return, begin, before, again
reborn, retell, repeat, restart
Dé Javú, nothing new

Remake, just saw, again, repeat,
begin, explode, restart, before
This driving feeling

Flashback, again, return, restart
regain, reborn, retell, repeat
Nothing but the slaving beat

Return, u-turn, you burn, repeat,
the beat, restart, begin, before
Now we all need more!!!

Dé Javú, nothing new…
This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..(Dé Javú, nothing new…)

This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..(Dé Javú, nothing new…)

This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..(Dé Javú, nothing new…)

This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..(Dé Javú, nothing new…)

Feed my brain with the grand solution, don’t
feed my pain…its not a game (Dé Javú, nothing new…)

Feed my mind with the perfect intentions. don’t
make me blind…I will find you (Dé Javú, nothing new…)

Brought me in             (This burning feeling…..)
to this exoskeletal            (This burning feeling…..)
filled with sin…            (This burning feeling…..)
where the past decays         (This burning feeling…..)

Fill my veins                 (This burning feeling…..)
with the fleeting glimpses        (This burning feeling…..)
hallucinatory…            (This burning feeling…..)
toxic stains                (This burning feeling…..)

This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..(Dé Javú, nothing new…)
This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..
This burning feeling…..(Dé Javú, nothing new…)

A question on humanity’s mind….
Dé Javú, nothing new…
A question on humanity’s mind….
Dé Javú, nothing new…

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Sane Insanity

The ever present Watcher in the lives of All surfaces for a glimpse, revealing a taste of a separate, yet eternally immediate reality. Wordlessly waiting, mindlessly witnessing it all…

“Sits a little creature
Beyond the invisible
A quiet little creature
in the corner of these sung words…”

A disquieting presence arises with a hair raising breeze. The unseen witness vaguely gathers form, felt in a chill flow of air. The stirring seems to emanate from beneath dead leaves and remains, from beneath the living realm, from inside the catacombs of a dark, eternal self-preserved horror.

“The mood is awfully quiet
The Silence has a strange breeze
A wind below the knees and
beneath dead leaves of trees”

But the foreboding apprehension eases in fleeting impressions of passing ages; epochs of timeless existence.

“The Middle Earth of Madness
Where silence becomes sound”

Reality changes shape, transporting momentarily the witness to a few vantage points, seeing all of human history in one moment; a vast roar of instantaneous birth, life, disease, anger, laughter, productivity, lust, revenge, war, and death…

“And night now lies forgotten
time goes in a wormhole”

Insanity beckons, promising relief and freedom.

The tale repeats, as if by de-javu or prophecy. The ever presence of the creature’s watchful eye, the insanity…and looking into the soul of the world.

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Last Kiss

Earth is discovered by a human-like alien group that takes inventory while researching the wastelands left behind after the demise of earth’s human population, drawing a conclusion from ruins and artifacts found among ruin, rust, and debris.

A flashback to the archaic era of Earth’s existence that included human life on earth.

“Two Angels in the morning…
the sun is yet to come…”

An eternal moment between two creatures of night; An immortal and a dark rocker. Their vantage point over life, dangerous living, life and death… A moment of falling for the prey. A moment of hesitation, and then self sacrifice to bring her into the fold.

“Two swallows on a wire
a breath of paradise.
Our eye to eye is reckless fire,
the end to wasted lives.”

Glimpses of a life in wild abandon. Blood flows and nurtures their own hungry veins; deeply mesmerized by each other’s presence and being.

“Two entities’ immortal heat
infernal blistering
our eye to eye wild to the beat
skin moist and glistening”

A momentary return to the reality; a dim future’s probe into earth’s wastelands, where the narrator wonders why such romantic, caring creatures had eventually come to such an apocalyptic and utter end.

“One is almost forced to ask why then the annihilation…”

An element of farewell, leaving the living; the mortal world. The wild side of life returns, with a hint of frozen death, lifeless lips, tears, and meeting the fiery end…

“A teardrop scars your icy cheek
drip-drips down your gown…”

“…Before I touch your frozen lips
Kiss your neck with ice and fire”

Last Kiss is a long forgotten journey into immortal bliss. However, even terrestrial immortality could not outlive; out-exist life itself… And untold aeons beyond extinction, an intelligence philosophize about the evidence of an apparent blissful existence on ancient earth…

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In a future time, an entertainment agency markets a journey…

“Sign up for a career that will send you beyond
To pay witness to the birth, life and death of entire universes”

Humanity is an adventurous species that is eager to experience , witness, and the hunger greed for more, higher, and better drives them ever on.

“Eager to know, eager to glow, unreal when so long is the road you face
Eager to fly, eager to die, unfeel, erase, control alt delete”

But a dream, a revelation, tells there is more, just beyond the threshold…

“I had a dream at the edge of the seams of existence”

A little closer to introspection, humanity lives and dies in its cages, ruts, and constrictive behaviorisms.

“Born to be worn, bred to be fed in cages of blindness, age and disease”

Ever closer to the old, rotting foundations, hidden behind the shiny exteriors and blinding technologies…

“Fight to succeed, ignoring the pleading dying, the dead and the bleeding”

But the dream returns, urges, hints of more, of wider horizons, of undreamed of potential as…

“I had a dream at the edge of the seams of existence”

Dream-Eager portrays humanity as a species that ever hungers for more, higher, better, and further, while back at home, hidden inside, ignored and excused, the self-destructive realities keep them from attaining any more.

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The Khemique Genre

Khemique is a musical act that sources its music style from a few genres, some of which date back to the 80s. With Johann being more on the Goth/Industrial/EBM/Metal side of music, and Jason more on the Industrial/EBM/House/Electro, the genre has some interesting twists and turns, and it shows.

With the debut CD, All In, we saw the first fruits of their works. Most songs were composed by Jason; a few by Johann. The all-over sound of the CD reminded one somewhat of earlier Industrial music. The lyrics were mostly slightly dark in nature and the sound effects added to this feeling.

Some of the influences that show themselves from time to time in Khemique ‘s music come from Front 242, Skinny Puppy, Pop Will Eat Itself, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, and some more.

Lyrically, Johann likes to dig into the collective unconscious, the nameless fears; the paradoxical nature of life on earth. Cracking a tear in the fabric of reality and taking a peek to the outside…or looking back from that perspective.

Musically, Jason likes to experiment with different genres of electronic music. He has been actively involved in the creation of Loops and Samples for Sony music creation software since the 90’s and his work is used by avid musicians world-wide.

There was no doubt that something interesting would come from the co-production of these two talented, unique, and musically compatible individuals.

Keep your eyes on this band, stay tuned, and don’t miss out on more creations of…


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Khemique Now

Greetings, to the darker side of electronic sound.
Explore with us, and experience reality shifts, time jumps, parallel worlds, and distortions in the very fabric of existence.

Idealistically, we explore and exploit sensation, mind, and sound, in the everlasting urge to experience overlapping of sense, internally and externally.

We ponder the existence of other realities. We cast imagination and calculation, hand in hand, in a realm where dualities become one…or multiply.

Open your minds and let it out on pages of thought turned expression; the ultimate alchemy of paradox and contrast.

This is Khemique Now.
Enter at own risk.
Experience, and share your thoughts and feelings.

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